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Philippa is an Artisan Jeweller.
She graduated in Theatre Design at Central St Martin’s, College of Art & Design, London, in 1994. She has designed extensively for the Theatre (set & costumes), even forming her own Theatre Company, with productions at the National Theatre in Damascus as well as the Edinburgh Festival. Other projects include painting commissions, portraits, illustration work, as well as documenting frescoes in Pompeii (Italy) and vase paintings in Miletus (Turkey) for archaeological research.

In 1996 Philippa designed a few pieces of jewellery for herself – this ‘private project’ rapidly turned into a small business enterprise, with her first customers being some of London’s trendiest boutiques.

Philippa’s jewellery is heavily influenced by her creative background, a love of colour, fashion and travel. Also by her love of tribal art & jewellery and the ‘effect’ that this work creates. The ‘effect’ of colours & materials in combination with clothing, skin & environment.

Every piece is designed by Philippa, and is hand-made in London, by herself & her small but highly skilled team of assistants, using Philippa’s own unique & delicate wire technique.

All pieces are made to order.

The materials used are sourced from all over the world, many – antique, vintage & new – found on Philippa’s travels, making many of her designs/colour combinations of limited availability.

Her jewellery is known for it’s splendid array or colours, that change with every season, and designs, which range from exquisite delicacy to bold fashion pieces.

Philippa welcomes design commissions. Some of these include a collection designed for the William Blake Exhibition at ‘Tate Britain’ (London); ‘De Vera’ (NY & San Francisco) commissioned Philippa’s first ‘precious’ collection for his art gallery.

Her jewellery has also been featured in a number of British films, where it is worn by a string of actresses, from Emma Watson, Gillian Anderson, Joanna Lumley, Charlotte Rampling to Isabella Rossellini.



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